UM District & Conference Info

First United Methodist Church - Elkin, NC

First United Methodist Church is part of the Appalachian District in the Western North Carolina Conference in the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. So what does that mean?

The United Methodist Church is “intentionally decentralized and democratic. Clergy and laity alike help determine the ministry and workings of The United Methodist Church”. The organization of the United Methodist Church starts with General Agencies at the top. The denomination is then divided into five jurisdictions: Northeastern, Southeastern, North Central, South Central, and Western. These jurisdictions are further divided into annual (sometimes called regional) conferences which are further divided into districts. Learn more about the United Methodist Church.

Western North Carolina Conference
The Western North Carolina Conference (WNCC) of The United Methodist Church provides leadership and support for more than 1,100 churches and 300,000 members throughout the western half of North Carolina. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Learn more about the Western North Carolina Conference. 

"Our Vision: Our goal is to increase the vitality of the Church by expanding our reach throughout the community. By engaging in outreach and witnessing to diverse populations through our ministries, we hope to increase attendance at church services, inspire people to connect with God, and share our love of Christ with a new generation of worshippers."

The Bishop for the WNCC is Paul L. Leeland.  Learn more about the WNCC here.

Appalachian District
“Groups of churches in a geographic area are organized to form a district, somewhat similar to the way cities and towns are organized into counties. Often, churches in a district will work together to provide training and mission opportunities. Each district is led by a district superintendent (“DS”), an elder appointed by the bishop, usually for a six-year term.  The DS oversees the ministry of the district’s clergy and churches, provides spiritual and pastoral leadership, works with the bishop and others in the appointment of ordained ministers to serve the district’s churches, presides at meetings of the charge conference, and oversees programs within the district.”  (

The District Superintendent for the Appalachian District is Dr. Carl Arrington. Learn more about the Appalachian District here.